Fast Track Your Practical Driving Test

***Before requesting a fast track driving test things you need to know first***

We sell our driving tests on the understanding that we can usually get your driving test within 21 to 28 days of your booking, although is some cases we can actually get your test in some cases a lot less than 28 days,


In some cases as low as 7 to 10 days,  although we cannot and would not sell it under that assumtion as it would cause a lot of misunderstanding and confusion so we sell our courses on the 28 day understanding, where we have over a 90% chance that we can actually get the test date that you want


If a company tells you that they can get you a course within 7 days , we think they would probably be able to book 3 out of 10 typically which would be to low a percentage to sell the product on those percentages.


We sell it and tell it like it is , if you want your licence within 7 to 10 days we may be able to do it but it all depends on your area, like we say 30% chance typically we may be able to book it within a week but obviously within 28 days , that would be much easier to book,


Things to consider before booking, please do not book any time off work until you hear from us first with a date and a confirmed instructor

Get On The Road Fast With Us

We can get your driving test faster than most with our bespoke booking system

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